Materi The Biggest International Conference 2022 DPD PPNI Kab.Tulungagung #Day 2

“Optimization of Technological Developments in Improving the Quality of Nursing Independent Practice Services”

5.JOEL REY U ACOB, DNSManagement of nursing care in healthy and sick elderly in independent nursing practice.
6.Dr. JHONNIFER ARELLANO ABARAO., DHCM,DipHLM,MAN,CHA,CPE,RN,USRNPrevention    and   control    of infection in nursing homecare services.
7.Prof. MICHELLE CLEARY., RN., PhDBuilding workforce resilience to support positive patient outcomes
8.HWANG, JI-HYEON, MSN., R.N., KAHAPN., WOCN., CWONThe newest wound care techniques are easy to apply for the specialized independent practice of patients with diabetic wounds, stab wounds and cancer patients.

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