Materi The Biggest International Conference 2022 DPD PPNI Kab.Tulungagung #Day 1

“Optimization of Technological Developments in Improving the Quality of Nursing Independent Practice Services”

1.H. SUKANTO, SPd., S.Kep.Ners, M.KesThe role of PPNI as a nurse support organization in establishing independent practices.
2.KUKUH HERU SUBAGYO, S.Kep, Ners, M.KepPlans and strategies in dealing with emergency patients in self-practice.
3.FERRY EFENDI, S.Kep.Ns., MSc., PhDImproving public health degrees through community- based homecare.
4.Ns. I GEDE DEDY ARTHO, S.Kep., M.Kes.,MHApplication of complementary therapies in the independent practice of nurses.

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